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Blog Site is my personal Blogging site, I developed it in order to give myself a platform with which to write articles, publish them online and draw attention to them using the usual social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and others. In order to best facilitate this I decided to integrate it into a bespoke Content management system. It would have been easier to incorporate this into a existing platform such as Wordpress or even Blogger however I wanted to see if I could develop something similar myself and really test my PHP and mySQL programming skills. Presentation Slide 1 of 6 Presentation Slide 2 of 6 Presentation Slide 3 of 6 Presentation Slide 4 of 6 Presentation Slide 5 of 6 Presentation Slide 6 of 6 Background 1 of 6 Background 2 of 6 Background 3 of 6 Background 4 of 6 Background 5 of 6 Background 6 of 6
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As this is a blog site I wanted the copy to be the dominant feature and not overwhelm the site with superfluous features and non-relevant information. With the ability to share articles via social media my goal is to update this regularly and get a respectable author rank in order to better advertise my talents as a developer and designer with a good background in search engine marketing.

I developed this website to use as my blogging site where I can post articles on web design, technology and any other topics that compel me to write. My idea for this site was to create a functional blog driven by custom Content Management System. The creation of this content management system, that I have since named Scribe CMS, has been a challenging project that I have thoroughly enjoyed developing. My skills as a developer have been improved as I have had to learn a great deal more about PHP and jQuery in order to get the features and functionality I wanted.

Scribe CMS

Custom Content Management System

Tourism Web Site

The Needles Park is a Tourist Attraction situated at Alum Bay on the Isle of Wight. With a range of attractions including a fun fair, 4D Cinema and Chairlift down to the famous sands of Alum Bay, The Needles Park required a website that illustrated the natural beauty of the area but also promoted the park facilities and entertainment as well as highlighting the rich history of the area.

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Featuring a Blog, Image gallery, History section and Information on each attraction, this website proved to be a large undertaking. The fully responsive design is based on bootstrap and also features a custom made 'sticky' menu to enable the user to navigate the site at all times on tablets and mobile handsets.

This website was built by myself while under contract at cq2. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, the source material was excellent and this was reflected in the results, which the client was delighted with.

Web Services

Microcosmic is the front-of-shop services website to promote the web design and marketing services I can provide on a freelance basis. I wanted to make it bright and vibrant yet still clear and uncluttered. The responsive layout enables the quick addition of content without the need for additional styling to look good on mobile and tablet browsers.

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Based on a 12 Column Grid system, this layout is designed to degrade and reorganise the content to best suit the device it is being viewed upon. Responsive web design has become a must-have skill in web development and the Microcosmic site demonstrates my abilities in this field.

Tourism Site

Snowdon Mountain Railway

Snowdon Mountain Railway is a tourist attraction situated at the peak of Mount Snowdon in Snowdonia, Wales. It consists of a rack and pinion railway line that runs up the mountainside and stops at a visitor centre at the peak of the mountain some 3’560 ft up. The railway service features both steam and diesel engines which run daily, weather permitting.

The client required a website that provides all relevant information about the attraction including train travel times, mountain weather conditions, journey prices as well as technical and historical information about the trains themselves. The site is fully responsive and comes complete with a content management system to enable the client to edit and update the sites’ content, news and articles and add more pages going forward as required.

Commercial Site

Skills Solutions

Skills Solutions Copy

Commercial Site

This website was designed for the same client as Enhanced Annuities Quotes. The specification was much the same, a simple single page website with the focus and emphasis on conversion. The site provides the basic information required but is geared towards calling the user to action in order to harvest contact information.

The dynamic nature of the layout again illustrates my talents in the field of responsive web design. The site consistently converts a healthy portion of the sites visitors and has proven to be as successful as its sister site, Enhanced Annuity Quotes.

Commercial Site

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This one-page conversion focused website was designed with simplicity in mind. Foremost in the clients mind was the potential target audience are most likely to be elderly people, potentially with limited knowledge on using websites.

This solution enabled us to always keep the focus on engaging the visitor, providing essential information and encouraging them to apply via a contact form which would prompt a follow up call, which was the ultimate goal of the site.

So pleased with the results, this client has since utilised my services with many other projects.

Services Site

Tony Donelan Woodcraft

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I was approached by a former colleague who required a website for an acquaintance. Tony Donelan Woodcraft are a company that specialise in hand crafted garden furniture operating from their premises in Belfast, Ireland.

The requirements for the site had been set prior to my involvement so all that was required was to develop the site, I managed to get this completed in just a few hours, this illustrates my ability to deliver projects even under tight deadlines.

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